studio status report: 2022-12

month 12 of 2022 was about taking a vacation and Songhay.Player.ProgressiveAudio

The day job energy provided me with a third (?) opportunity in my adult life to take half of the last month of the year off which is sitting around the “home office.” Month 12 saw the “Songhay.Player.ProgressiveAudio release 6.0.0” project get underway which is a very, very significant milestone. The Progressive Audio name is at the top of the Obsidian Graph View:

Obsidian Graph View

Let’s drill into the Graph above with selected highlights:

[[Songhay Player]]: “HTML5 Audio Player: The 10 Best Players”

Of the picks in “HTML5 Audio Player: The 10 Best Players” I choose audio.js [ GitHub ] because it is essentially a ‘shim’ for the HTML5 audio element.

I’ll need to work through the demos and see whether my choice is in the right place…

The Daz Studio Masterclass

This one is from Jay Versluis:

The Daz Studio Masterclass is a 3-part series of courses that explore Daz Studio features, essential tips and tricks, and expert knowledge for creators of all skill levels. Enjoy Series 1 FREE, and unlock Series 2 and 3 with your Daz+ Membership. Ready, set, render!

[[Daz 3D]]

[[Ubuntu]]: “How to Master the Linux Tree Command”

I have wondered 👣 for a long time where this came from:

├── tweet-books
├── partitions
│   ├── KinteSpace
│   └── BryanWilhite
├── kinte-space
│   └── processed
└── bryan-wilhite
    └── processed

This is tree [📖 docs]!

sudo apt-get install tree

The copying and pasting of tree output into [[Obsidian]] is nice for now but the exploration in “Obsidian: Do almost anything (really!) with system commands” is out there waiting for me.

[[F♯]]: latest FsToolkit.ErrorHandling drama resolved… kind of…

Version 4.x of FsToolkit.ErrorHandling will likely resolve the [[2022-11-08#F♯ : FsToolkit.ErrorHandling drama|latest drama]] around dependency constraints. The catch is this:

The next version of FsToolkit.ErrorHandling requires [[dotnet|.NET]] 7.0:

NuGet packages in JetBrains Rider

while the tech world was “in love” with…

world was using… I was using…
PowerBuilder Access 97
PHP ASP (VB Script)
Java Server Faces ASP
Java Swing Winforms (.NET 1.1)
Java Beans ADO.NET
Spring Framework Entity Framework
ASP.NET Web Forms ASHX handlers with XSLT
Dojo Toolkit or Backbone YUI
WordPress WordPress
Node.js ASP.NET
Ruby on Rails ASP.NET MVC (C♯)
jQuery jQuery
Angular JS Angular JS
Headless WordPress (API only) ASP.NET Web API
Android or iOS Silverlight
AWS Azure
Bootstrap Bootstrap
React Angular (TypeScript)
Bootstrap Google Material Design
WordPress 11ty
Bootstrap Bulma
React or Vue Bolero (F♯, WebAssembly)

[[Songhay Player]]: UX for audio playback

The [[Songhay Player for Progressive Audio]] should feature two controls, (i) the volume bar:

chalkboard: the volume bar

chalkboard: the volume bar, mute

And (ii) the play-progress bar:

chalkboard: the play-progress bar

chalkboard: the play-progress bar, playing

Both of these controls are horizontal lines that can responsively collapse to take up less horizontal space by hiding the progress bar.

sketching out a development schedule (revision 28)

The schedule of the month:

  • install Studio ‘floors’ in Songhay.Player.ProgressiveAudio and Songhay.Player.YouTube
  • add a GitHub Project for Songhay.Player.ProgressiveAudio🐝✨
  • add kinté space presentations support to Songhay.Player.YouTube 🔨 🚜✨
  • replace the Angular app in with a Bolero app 🚜🔥
  • generate Publication indices from LiteDB for Songhay.Publications.KinteSpace
  • generate a new repo with proposed name, Songhay.Modules.Bolero.Index ✨🚧 and add a GitHub Project
  • switch Studio from Material Design to Bulma 💄 ➡️ 💄✨