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Angular JS and checkbox array support

What I am seeing so far is Angular JS supporting one-way checkbox arrays—from the Model to the View via ngRepeat. There seems to be no support the other way around. So when we declare, <input name="checkSelections[]" type="checkbox" ng-model="foo">, Angular JS does not see the checkSelection[] array syntax and assumes foo is an array.

To further confuse ourselves, we could do something like this:

<input name="checkSelections[]" type="checkbox" ng-model="foo[0]">
<input name="checkSelections[]" type="checkbox" ng-model="foo[1]">
<input name="checkSelections[]" type="checkbox" ng-model="foo[2]">

Clicking on the second checkbox, would give us something almost useless: foo = {"1" : true }. To declare ngTrueValue or ngFalseValue, by the way, would cause an error. Any traditional value="bar" declarations are ignored.

Apart from the confusion mentioned, it looks like Angular JS 1.x has no support for checkbox arrays (groups)—which has had server-side support for decades. It would not surprise me to find that none of the client-side frameworks has support for it out of the box.

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