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“Angular Testing Quick Start” and other Tweeted Links…

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Angular Testing Quick Start []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] SEO and Angular: is not the cure []

Brad Green [bradlygreen] Proposal to bring Observables to browser DOM for composable repeated events and other goodness. Kudos to @BenLesh,… []

Saskia Freeke [sasj_nl] Geometric Animations / 171213 / #processing#creativecoding[]

Connie Bai [iCandySF] “14 Smart Habits That Will Make You a Better #UX Designer” by @GuyLigertwood[]

Billy Hollis [billyhollis] Todays bad #UX example: @Amazon's profile page has gone to infinite scroll on reviews. I have over 390 reviews. Too… []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] How to format response data as XML or JSON, based on the request URL in [] Core []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Why, When and How to use Redis in [] MVC Core - Gary Woodfine []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Mailit, A Tiny REST API to Send Emails []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Mozilla’s Send is basically the Snapchat of file sharing []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Converting a Library to NetStandard - CodeOpinion []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] A proper terminal for Visual Studio - Scott Hanselman []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Docker vs. Kubernetes vs. Mesos []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Computational Category Theory []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Stack Overflow Sunsetting Documentation []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Managing DbContext the right way with Entity Framework 6: an in-depth guide []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Declare Out variable right at the point – Out variable in C# 7.0 []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Nearly All Binary Searches and Mergesorts Are Broken (2006) []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Updating the Windows Console Colors – Windows Command Line Tools For Developers []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] CMD.EXE gets first makeover in 20 years in new Windows 10 build []

Dan Bader [dbader_org] If Microsoft decides to support Python as a scripting language in Excel it would be great news. Basically turns Pyt… []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] I liked a @YouTube video [] Scott Wlaschin: F# and Domain Driven Design

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Domain Modeling Made Functional: Tackle Software Complexity with Domain-Driven Design and F#… []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] this @lambdacast podcast [[]] is an excellent specimen of conflict-based learning and minutiae… []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite]@lambdacast now what I *liked* was learning about the foundational purpose of .map() as a general-purpose means of… []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite]@lambdacast the other thing I liked was the small effort taken to distinguish [whatever].map() from monad.bind() bu… []

Lesley 🥞 [hacks4pancakes] Stupid tech problems: I bought a new area rug, and have to get rid of it because my robot vacuum sees the abstract… []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] How do I find a remote job? Part 1 — Deekit []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Victoria’s Secret sold glittery iPhone cases that can cause chemical burns []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Ikea now sells solar panels and batteries in the UK []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Tesla Model S And The Unwanted Attention []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Chefs and Soldiers Make Good Product Managers []

Scott Nimrod [Bizmonger] I think I'm the most talented consistently unemployeyed software engineer ever! And that's how I want to be remembered...

Scott Hanselman [shanselman] My boss is supportive and also evil. []