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Delicious Dumper: Azure Blob Storage Links

Windows Azure Storage and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)—Let’s Have Some Fun

I needed to look into this subject matter to get my jsFiddle samples to work against my Azure Blob services. Lots of unexpected success here!

Windows Azure Storage and CORS

“Single Page Application (SPA) style web applications typically make extensive use of AJAX calls to enable the client-side page to interact with the server. However, if you try to access a server in a different domain from the one that serves your application, you quickly run into difficulties…”

Windows Azure Storage Extensions

“Windows Azure Storage Extensions is a .NET library aimed for managing and querying entities from Windows Azure Storage. It’s built on top of the Windows Azure SDK v2.0, provides asynchronous interfaces (Task-based Asynchronous Pattern) and LINQ to Azure Table queries via TableSet context by using POCO entities.” Yes, there appears to be a NuGet package for this.

Windows Azure Storage—Creating a Hierarchy View

“There are some caveats here. Even though you are allowed to include these characters in the names, don’t end the BLOB name with a period or forward slash.”

Windows 8 Notifications: Leveraging Azure Storage

“You can think of containers like a file folder; however, in blob storage, containers cannot be nested. You can, however, create blob assets with a naming convention that mimics a file path…”

8 Essential Best Practices in Windows Azure Blob Storage

“Windows Azure Blob Storage is ideal for hosting static websites, since it doesn’t require any scaling work in order to improve availability, because this will be done automatically by the platform. It’s also possible to reduce your costs if the best practices presented previously are followed. Consequently this is an effective and economical way to host a static website.”

One Cause of Azure Error—One of the request inputs is out of range

“Experimentation suggests the rules for naming a queue include: (a) use only lower case letters, (b) digits are allowed anywhere, and (c) internal single hyphens are okay too, but (d) name should not contain any spaces (e) nor any punctuation (other than hyphen).”