DayPath Journal

My Expression Gallery Picks Unfashionably Late

Swivel Behavior

It looks great! The demo is right on the Gallery page like it’s supposed to be—it’s from John Papa!

Silverlight Behavior for Expanding Mouse Over

From Silverlight MVP Joel Ivory Johnson…

Silverlight Pointer Behavior

From DataArtist LTK (demo on the page)…

Silverlight Orbit Busy Indicator Behavior

From DataArtist LTK…

ZoomBehavior for WPF applications

From Silverlight MVP Laurent Bugnion...

TextBox Enter Button Invoke

From Jacek Ciereszko (demo on the page)….

Shawn Wildermuth’s Sample Behaviors

From Silverlight MVP, Shawn Wildermuth with a warning: “They are less for designers than an example of how to write simple behaviors.”


From the Individual Eleven—er—Jose Luis Latorre…