DayPath Journal

My first presentation on Silverlight!

LA-SLUG 2/2012

Wow! Let’s see:

  • Silverlight MVP Victor Gaudioso lost his venue in Culver City next to Sony Studios so we had to do it in his new apartment in Granada Hills.
  • Victor also lost his original speaker for 2/2012 and I was a hasty substitute.
  • I started the talk without introducing myself and went straight into an “advanced topic” without realizing that many audience members were kind of uninterested in the detail.
  • I did not show up (visually) on the live video stream (I was just a “shadow”).
  • I went way off script and did not even make it through fiveslides.

Nevertheless, I think I got a little better presenting towards the end of the talk. I actually have another talk tonight with Dr. Shani Byard (@MessageMediaEd)—I won’t be on Silverlight let’s see how that goes.