DayPath Journal

“…new support for Knockout.js Intellisense inside VS 2012…” and other Tweeted Links

Scott Guthrie [scottgu] Another post by @John_Papa on new support for Knockout.js Intellisense inside VS 2012:

Elijah Manor [elijahmanor] Numeral.js - a #JavaScript library for formatting and manipulating numbers

John Papa [John_Papa] More details on the SPA Template (RC) from the teams:

srinivas [srinivas_s] Built a Rest API using nodejs on couch, being able to TDD with Mocha has changed my opinion on JavaScript

UX Magazine [uxmag] RT @bfmweb: @BFMweb Gil Remy's Five Signs of an Advanced E-Commerce Site

Glenn Block [gblock] This diagram of the HTTP state machine from @adean is fantastic:

John Lam [john_lam] So true ... menus can be disrupted -

Smashing Magazine [smashingmag] CSS Masks – How To Use Masking In CSS Now -

Rob Conery [robconery] New Stack Overflow Question of the Week with @jonskeet is up on TekpubTV: Mutable Structs and Evil Loops!

Shawn Wildermuth [ShawnWildermuth] Opinion Column: The Inconvenient Truth About SEO /via @smashingmag

Kunal Chowdhury [kunal2383] What's new in #WP8? - by @JustinAngel - #WP #Nokia

Mary Jo Foley [maryjofoley] Good read: Inside ARM: The British success story taking the chip world by storm by TechRepublic's @NickJHeath:

Mary Jo Foley [maryjofoley] Microsoft pulls the plug on its site: #silverlight #OurStrategyHasShifted

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] DO WACOM TABLETS WORK IN WINDOWS 8?: via @youtube

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Wacom Intuos5 Touch Tablet Review: via @youtube

Rey Bango [reybango] Why I Won’t Relocate to Work for Your Startup (I can SO relate to this) by @erniemiller

Stephen Wolfram [stephen_wolfram] Mathematica 9 released today ... and it's big!

Stephen Wolfram [stephen_wolfram] RIP Richard Crandall (1947-2012): pioneer of experimental math & Mathematica, and scientist to Steve Jobs

Terry White [terrylwhite] . #iOS AppStore needs a refresh button. Luv how it says I have updates, but doesn’t show them 2 me unless I force quit

Wilson Kutegeka [Kutegz] Apple drops patent claim against Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Shawn Wildermuth [ShawnWildermuth] Apple quietly hires security guru who may have saved Windows Vista /via @engadget

Elijah Manor [elijahmanor] 75% off all of @JetBrains Software: WebStorm, RubyMine, ReSharper, AppCode, dotCover, ...