DayPath Journal

PowerShell: Remove-WebVirtualDirectory notes

The Remove-WebVirtualDirectory cmdlet of the WebAdministration module seems to be designed to remove a ‘sub-virtual directory’ of an application by default. Consider the following:

$site = Get-Website | Where-Object -Property ID -Value 1 -EQ
$app =
Remove-WebVirtualDirectory -Name "myVFolder" -Application $app.AppName -Site $ -Verbose

…where Get-Website is also from the WebAdministration module. The Remove-WebVirtualDirectory cmdlet will remove the ‘sub-virtual directory’ mVFolder under my_app. This is something I’ve yet to do. What I’ve actually needed is the removal my_app itself. It turns out that “dotting” to the current scope works:

Remove-WebVirtualDirectory -Name . -Application $app.AppName -Site $ -Verbose

This is super-non-intuitive to me. Also it may help to mention that, as of this writing, the -Name and the -Application parameters are required (which implies a mistake in the documentation or something else non-intuitive that has to be memorized involving the -Name parameter).