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“ScottGu’s Blog—Announcing Open Source of .NET Core Framework” and other Tweeted Links…

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] ScottGu's Blog - Announcing Open Source of .NET Core Framework, .NET Core Distribution for Linux/OSX…

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Microsoft .NET released from its Windows chains... but what ABOUT MONO? • The Register

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Opening up Visual Studio and .NET to Every Developer, Any Application: .NET Server Core open source …

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] An Alternative to SQLite in Windows Store Apps

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] All About Angular 2.0

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Angular 1.3 and Breaking Change for Controllers

Russell Frith [russfrith] Dijkstra's Algorithm - Shortest Path, by Erik Hazzard #gamedev

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Applying Divine Proportion To Your Web Designs | Smashing Magazine

Stefan Baumgartner [ddprrt] "What's bower?" "A package manager, install it with npm." "What's npm?" "A package manager, you can install it with brew" "What's brew?" ...

Dave Winer ☮ [davewiner] Macs like to be rebooted after installing new software. It cures a lot of ills.

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] MVC 6 on Azure Websites - | Gunnar Peipman - Programming Blog

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Using System.Numerics.Vector for Graphics Programming - .NET Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Althea Champagnie [Champagnie] Check out Chocolatey: The Alternative Windows Store - Like Yum/Apt-Get by Rob Reynolds via @kickstarter

CodeProject [codeproject] Identity 2.0: Introduction to Working with Identity 2.0 and Web API 2.2 by John Atten

CodeProject [codeproject] MVC and Identity 2.0: Understanding the Basics by John Atten

Maite Dalila [MaiteDalila] Experience a click-free website... #ux

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Black IT Pros On (Lack Of) Racial Diversity In Tech - Slashdot

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] The “Synthesize the Experts” Anti-Pattern | DaedTech

Jake Boxer [jakeboxer] this is what the "internet of things" endgame looks like