DayPath Journal

“#SignalR reaches v1 (alpha)” and other Tweeted Links…

John Papa [John_Papa] #SignalR reaches v1 (alpha)

Scott Guthrie [scottgu] My free, live WindowsAzureConf keynote is starting in 8 minutes. Watch it online:

Mary Jo Foley [maryjofoley] Microsoft's cloud buzzword of 2011: Hybrid:

Dave Winer ☮ [davewiner] Amazon's new Cloud Drive rains on everyone's parade.

The Code Project [thecodeproject] C# REST Client for Amazon Route 53: This example implements GET and POST requests for an Amazon Route 53 client in C#.

Mary Jo Foley [maryjofoley] Microsoft starts two-phase update of Windows Live Essentials 2011:

Katrien De Graeve [katriendg] RT @gisardo Some of the most beautiful #HTML5 demos, all in a video! #IE9

bruce lawson [brucel] Goodbye #html5 <device> and hello getUserMedia, & Opera tech preview of device camera access from browser #bigmconf

Michael Martin [problogdesign] Very cool way of speeding up page load speed on posts with a lot of comments

Lea Verou [LeaVerou] James Long worked on my CSS selector support detection technique and now it supports IE

The Code Project [thecodeproject] Load Data From Server While Scrolling Using JQuery AJAX

Sony software [Sonysoftware] 10 helpful editing tips to work faster in Sound Forge Pro:

Sony software [Sonysoftware] Learn how to build a track in #ACIDPro:

Sony software [Sonysoftware] Meet the #VegasPros:

Herman Miller, Inc. [HermanMiller] Come take a tour with Moviepeg designer @BrendanDawes

Dave Winer ☮ [davewiner] Video interview with NYU Comp Sci Professor Evan Korth re HackNY.

Chris Burrows [cjburrows] Cool artifacts from @dsyme about the history of generics in C#/.NET.

Tim O'Reilly [timoreilly] The surprising disconnect between #ebooks and how most people discover new books

Jura Gorohovsky [gorohoroh] @jfarrell For a kick-ass video series on @resharper, see this @pluralsight series:

loydcase [loydcase] Here's a very technical reason why the redesign of Gawker blogs suck:

A2 Hosting [a2hosting] 1-Page Checkout: A2 Hosting launched a brand new shopping cart yesterday where transactions take place on a sing...

Brendan Dawes [brendandawes] New on Flickr: Modular desk tidy system complete

Paul Thurrott [thurrott] What I Use: November 2012