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Songhay Studio: finally, some flippant remarks about XAML Validation

I’ve been deprioritizing a look into XAML-based Validation. Years ago I somehow got the impression that Validation was “confused” or “incomplete.” Now I can say that there are two broad categories of Validation:

  • There is Validation for System.Windows.Controls.
  • There is Validation for System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations via INotifyDataErrorInfo.

There are probably more categories of XAML-based Validation but I flippantly consider those ‘legacy’ alternatives. My other wild assertion is that Windows-controls Validation is mutually exclusive to Component-Model Validation. For example, as of this writing, the Validation.ClearInvalid() or Validation.AddErrorHandler() methods for Windows have no effect on Component-Model errors.

The Validation.ValidationAdornerSite and Validation.ValidationAdornerSiteFor properties are almost useless to me because they redirect Validation adornment from, say, a TextBox to a Label. I would like to have the option of adorning one or more “sites” including the original TextBox.

I have prepared a basic, Component-Model Validation sample for WPF. It’s in my BiggestBox on CodePlex:

Songhay BiggestBox on the Desktop - Basic Validation Sample

I also have a LINQPad exploration of Windows-controls Validation as a GitHub Gist: