DayPath Journal

Songhay Studio: getting back to tf.exe

I’ve not used tf.exe, of the “Command-line tools for TFS,” since I lost my virtual machines in 2012. So I’ll leave a note-to-self so it won’t take so long, having taken some time today to think about and need this. For my custom shell, I need to add a path to TFS:

@set PATH=^
%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE;^

These are the commands I’ll need (as I tend to forget them for lack of daily use):

  • The equivalent to Pending Changes in Visual Studio Team Explorer: tf status.
  • Check-in with comment: tf checkin /comment:"my comment".
  • MSDN support: tf msdn [command].

I did notice today that tf status makes no distinction between promoted/un-promoted items. I do recall doing some TFS management/reporting from (strangely enough) Visual Studio integration tests (vstest). In those days, I had to hunt around for TFS libraries. Now we have NuGet Package Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Common.

I do remind myself that there exists Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 Power Tools. I’ve used earlier versions of such “Power Tools”; I’ve no call for this right now.

I’ll need another note for my Slick SVN hooks into my CodePlex stuff!