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Songhay Studio: How to disable Click Once for a Secondary .EXE Project

An automated build system can depend on a ClickOnce-configured *.csproj file—often it expects to see one ClickOnce project by convention. When it fails to see this convention there might be an error like this:

08:30:46,569 INFO  - C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Microsoft.Common.targets(4426,5): error MSB3030: Could not copy the file "bin\Release\Desktop.exe.manifest" because it was not found. [Desktop.csproj]
08:30:46,569 INFO  -
08:30:46,569 INFO  - 0 Warning(s)
08:30:46,569 INFO  - 1 Error(s)
08:30:46,569 INFO  -
08:30:46,569 INFO  - Time Elapsed 00:00:24.44
08:30:46,577 ERROR - ERR: BUILD FAILED. Please refer to compiler log for debug info...Exiting.

A secondary EXE project is causing the error. In Visual Studio its *.csproj file must be configured to disable ClickOnce:

Under Project Properties:

  • Select Application > Icon and manifest > Manifest: Create application without a manifest
  • Select Publish > Install Mode and Settings > The application is available online only
  • Deselect Publish > Options… > Deployment > Open deployment web page after publish
  • Deselect Publish > Options… > Deployment > Use ".deploy" file extension

Disable any other Deployment Publish Options.