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“The British Library Puts Over 1,000,000 Images in the Public Domain.” and other Tweeted Links…

Dave Winer [davewiner] The British Library Puts Over 1,000,000 Images in the Public Domain. []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] [from 2013] Dave Winer debuts 'classic' Little Outliner [] @davewiner@leolaporte@SGgrc

Dave Winer [davewiner] Mozilla’s mandatory add-on DRM violates OSS principles. []

Alberto Cairo [albertocairo] Information is Beautiful awards 2015 @Kantar[] #dataviz#infographics#dataJournalism[]

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] The Smart UI Design Behind Apple’s Frictionless 3D Touch [] @3rdwave_themes@UXHow

Engadget [engadget] Samsung's 360-degree wireless speakers take aim at Sonos [] []

Peter Etelej [peteretelej] Researchers build tech that transmits data through the human body; 'Bluetooth alternative' [] []

CodeProject [codeproject] Getting Started with Microsoft [] WebHook Preview by Gaurav Kumar Arora []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] what the hell is 99V9? why that's a numerical format from COBOL culture []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] There is no need to reparse. One of the constructors of XElement takes another XElement and makes a deep copy of it []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] The configuration file for the Nautilus bookmarking system is ~/.config/gtk-3/bookmarks. []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] To manually disable theinterface, you can use the ifdown command []

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Using Windows Hello and a fingerprint to log into Windows 10 [] via @SSforWindows

Bryan D. Wilhite [BryanWilhite] Windows 10 fingerprint reader support is better than what shipped with my Sager NP6165 @thurrott@SagerNotebook