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The Songhay Home Drive on a new VM

My conventional drive E:\ (SonghayHomeDrive) has been moved to this new virtual machine (VM). This move migrated the serious permission problems I was trying to ignore on my last VM. My 2009 FunkyKB article, “Windows Server 2008: Notes on Moving a Hard Drive to a New Machine; Orphaned SIDs; TAKEOWN.EXE; ICACLS.EXE; Get-Acl; Set-Acl,” would have helped a great deal to get the problem fixed instead of ignored. The first two steps mentioned in this article were definitely needed. In addition, I took a screenshot of this command:

ICACLS \myRootShareFolder ^
    /grant SYSTEM: (CI) (OI) (IO) (F) ^
    /grant Administrators: (CI) (OI) (IO) (F) ^
    /grant Users: (CI) (OI) (IO) (RX) ^
    /grant SYSTEM: (F) ^
    /grant Administrators: (F) ^
    /grant Users: (RX) ^
    /t /l /q

Taking this new pattern with my 2009 notes, we might work with this script:

TAKEOWN /f E:\myRootShareFolder /a
ICACLS E:\myRootShareFolder /reset /t
ICACLS \myRootShareFolder ^
    /grant SYSTEM:(CI)(OI)(IO)(F) ^
    /grant Administrators:(CI)(OI)(IO)(F) ^
    /grant Users:(CI)(OI)(IO)(RX) ^
    /grant SYSTEM:(F) ^
    /grant Administrators:(F) ^
    /grant Users:(RX) ^
    /t /l /q

What is definitely missing from this general-purpose approach is some support for that conventional Internet Information Server (IIS) User—let’s take the one for IIS 7.x:

ICACLS \myRootShareFolder\myCustomWebRoot ^
    /grant IIS_IUSRS:(CI)(OI)(IO)(RX) ^
    /t /l /q

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