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Using `gem install sass --pre` on Windows 10

This article is sort of the Windows 10 version of my previous note, “Using gulp-ruby-sass on an Ubuntu virtual machine with some ‘history’.”

Install one of the recommended Ruby installers at As of this writing, the recommendation for me is Ruby 2.2.4 (x64).

Use the Start Command Prompt with Ruby shortcut and enter the same command as you would on Linux:

gem install sass --pre

(The --pre option may not be required as time has passed since that ‘previous note’ mentioned above.) Click the Environment Variables… button under System Properties and append this:


Note: you should not have to do this when you check that ‘update path option’ in the ruby installer. This appended path allows us to call sass directly (from the conventional \styles folder), for development:

sass _body.scss styles.css -E utf-8

…and production:

sass _body.scss styles.min.css --style=compressed -E utf-8

…where _body.scss is the conventional Sass file with @import declarations for ‘child’ .scss files.

Note the encoding option -E is needed to force UTF-8 output—evidently, a sass-on-Windows issue.