DayPath Journal

Using gulp-ruby-sass on an Ubuntu virtual machine with some ‘history’

My Ubuntu virtual machine (VM) is older than Node JS, grunt or gulp. Years ago I actually installed ruby-based sass and used it with many discomforts from the command line—without the benefit of any automated workflow. I cannot remember exactly but I recall choosing the ruby flavor of sass over what is now called libsass because (I think) the ruby version had more features in spite of it being slower.

Because my VM is so old (even though it is now upgraded to the latest LTS version of Ubuntu), when I went to install gulp-ruby-sass, just like any node-loving kid, I ignored one innocent comment on the website:

You must have Sass >=3.4.

Of course it took me hours to figure this out (in part because no errors our any output appeared) but I needed to run two commands to get gulp-ruby-sass to work properly:

sudo gem uninstall -Iax haml-edge
sudo gem install sass --pre

I’ve saved my gulpfile.js as a GitHub Gist, showing use of gulp-rename and gulp-sourcemaps:

This, by the way, is the Gulp file for a future version of