DayPath Journal

XAML: FontFamily and FontSize as Pts (points) imperatively

In XAML we see property declarations of FontFamily and FontSize like this:


We can express the above imperatively (or “programmatically”) in C#:

myInstance.FontFamily = new FontFamily(new Uri("pack://application:,,,/", UriKind.Absolute), "/MyApp;component/Resources/Fonts/#MyFont");

myInstance.FontSize = (double)(new FontSizeConverter()).ConvertFrom("96pt");

The overload for the FontFamily constructor is taking a “Pack URI” that is basically saying, “Look for the font at the relative path inside the assembly of the current application.” I’ll have to experiment a bit with Pack URI syntax to point at another assembly.

The FontSizeConverter is new to me—which is kind of sad because it’s been around since .NET 3.0 (c. 2006).