Songhay Web App CSS Disorganization

Currently Web App CSS is divided into two groups: the styles for the SPA app (/Content/app/css or /Content/apps/fooApp/css) and the styles for the MVC layout (/Content/styles). The MVC CSS is bundled by gulp from _index-*.css files. There is no bundling for the SPA-related CSS.

New organization would place all CSS files under /Content/styles so all CSS files can be bundled by gulp. The _index- prefix should be replaced by _layout- to refer to the MVC _Layout.cshtml page where the bundled CSS is loaded. The suffixes of the _layout-*.css files should refer to SPA-app and partials for easy maintenance.

A CSS folder would be filled with a set of files like these:/content/styles /_layout-anchors.css /_layout-animations.css /_layout-footer.css /_layout-foo-app-partial1.css /_layout-foo-app-partial2.css /_layout-foo-app-partial3.css /_layout-foo-app.css /_layout-nav.css /_layout-webfonts.css /_layout.css /styles.min.css /styles-foo-app.css /styles-foo-app.min.css /styles.css /styles.min.cssThe styles-foo-app.*.css files are redundant subsets of styles.*.css files to allow sharing CSS with external Web apps. The _layout*.css files can also be _layout*.scss files for gulp-ruby-sass or its equivalent.