My Angular Samples

Organizing in the studio! This handmade rollup of my pens must be done (but I am sure will have a reporting feature—besides that public-Pen RSS feed—that will do this for me one day). For this document, I have categorized my pens into ‘generic’ and ‘hand-synched’—the former represents the original and the latter is my pushing the envelope, trying to use like a cross between Visual Studio Online and Expression Blend. I do understand the pro version of gives me storage for asset hosting and may consider this in future (especially when there’s some kind of Visual Studio plugin out there integrating with

Generic Angular pens:

Angular: $sce.trustAsResourceUrl

Angular: 1.2.x Animation (part 1)

Angular JS 1.x providers

Angular JS 1.4.x decorators

Angular: Fading between Blocks

Angular: Image Viewer

Angular: Image Viewer with Effects

Angular: Multiple Templates

Angular: Multiple Templates w/ ngRoute and ngAnimate

Angular: Multiple Templates w/ ngRoute, ngAnimate and a Directive

Angular: ngIf

Angular UI: ASP.NET Default Page

Angular UI: jumbotron with background image

Angular UI: pagination

Angular UI: ui-sortable with bootstrap

Display Data by Selected Group with Underscore and AngularJS

Embedding Code Pen and GitHub Content in an Angular Template

form validation with ngMessages Group and Display Data with Underscore and AngularJS Using ngOptions In AngularJS (part 2) Using ngOptions In AngularJS

Hand-synched Angular pens:

b-roll progressive audio presentation API

Songhay Studio: Day Path Index Layout with Grouping

YouTube Data API Responsive Angular Directive