ASP.NET Web API Ready State (4/2017)

I need to record my personal satisfaction with ASP.NET Web API ‘readiness’ (as in battle-ready state), after about four years of working toward this feeling. The trigger for this emotional outburst came with understanding how claims-based security can be used with ASP/NET Web API. Now I can make a little list of highlights for this ready state:

  • Using claims-based authentication to ‘spawn’ a generic/shared user without LDAP or AD
  • Sharing routes among services with an abstract ApiController class
  • Moving legacy databases to SQL Azure
  • Automated testing of API controllers with OWIN
  • Using the EnableCors attribute to support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
  • Leveraging JObject with Web API
  • Extending DefaultContractResolver to handle circular references in data access models
  • Building a JObject Repository to back an API (with Autofac)
  • IHttpActionResult, attribute-based routing and other ‘basics’
  • My use of ‘business domain’ (*.Foo.Models => *.Foo.ModelContext and/or *.Foo.Models => *.Foo.Repository) namespaces for data access (with Autofac).

And now the punchline: All of these learnings have to migrated to ASP.NET Core. Before this great migration, I will need to write notes about each of these items to preserve my progress in these areas and prevent relearning-bottlenecks in future.

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