studio status report: 2023-03

month 03 of 2023 was about faster progress on Songhay.Player.ProgressiveAudio and some F# revelations

The “Songhay.Player.ProgressiveAudio release 6.0.0” project is underway and moving much faster. The JSON-traversal work is solidified and a clear pattern is established that can be used in my Studio forever. Yes, forever. I have a few new code files that must be moved into the ‘F# core’:

file remarks
Models/Primitives.fs [GitHub] This file has my incredible JsonElementValue type that has to be enshrined in Songhay.Modules [GitHub]
Models/CssPrimitives.fs [GitHub] This one needs to go into Songhay.Modules.Bolero [GitHub]
Models/PresentationPrimitives.fs [GitHub] and Models/Presentation.fs [GitHub] I have been trying for years to realize a Presentation type. F# went a very long way toward making this new type possible! These files should end up in Songhay.Modules.Publications [GitHub]
LegacyPresentationUtility.fs [GitHub] This file reaches across decades of time and loads the b-roll player manifest format currently in use on and should also be moved to Songhay.Modules.Publications

The inside comedy here is that the removal of all of these files from Songhay.Player.ProgressiveAudio leaves almost no files in the project! The types and utilities specific to progressive audio are not here yet.

the Obsidian graph view of the month

the Obsidian graph view of the month

There is a huge node (above) representing 3/24. On the 24th I wrote a pretty lengthy entry about the Studio “stick man” (excerpt below) which is a consequence of discovering how much the Obsidian canvas allows me to visualize what is in the Studio compared to my previous work with Excalidraw (which is now incorporated in this new Canvas approach).

Selected Studio notes:

the [[Songhay System Studio]] stick man

The stick man on the Canvas shows just how many manual processes I have on my plate 🍽. Today, I see six stick men when I should be seeing about two:

  1. the [[YouTube]] stick man
  2. the analytics stick man for [[kinté hits]]
  3. the syndication stick man
  4. the spreadsheet stick man
  5. the [[the kinté space]] stick man
  6. the [[EPUB]] stick man

[[Cloudflare]] Tunnel is better than VPN?

You Need to Learn This! Cloudflare Tunnel Easy Tutorial

You Need to Learn This! Cloudflare Tunnel Easy Tutorial

The difference with [[Cloudflare]] Tunnels vs. your traditional VPN is that you don’t have to open ports in your firewall. With VPN, you connect into your VPN server (or sometimes directly to your router) through a hole that you’ve poked in your firewall.

huge [[Azure Data Studio]] tip: use temp tables to share data across SQL-kernel cells in Jupyter notebook

A StackOverflow answer reveals that others have resorted to using temp tables to share data across cells well before my day-job discovery of this technique. This technique works well for tabular data. And it is important to drop these temp tables at the end of the notebook:

IF OBJECT_ID(N'tempdb..#TempTableName') IS NOT NULL


    DROP TABLE #TempTableName


SQL: indexing for the day job

A GUID UNIQUEIDENTIFER column is the equivalent of a primary key in the 2020’s? My research says no:

Using UNIQUEIDENTIFERs as primary keys, and as clustered indexes can lead to trouble over time.

  1. I suggest that if you can avoid it, you should avoid a UNIQUEIDENTIFER for a primary key.
  2. If you must use a UNIQUEIDENTIFER, [then] use NEWSEQUENTIALID ( ) to generate the unique [identifier], not NEWID().

Steve Stedman

sketching out development projects

The current, unfinished public projects on GitHub:

  • finish the “Songhay.Player.ProgressiveAudio release 6.0.0” project
  • start the “SonghayCore 📦✨ release 6.0.5” project

The proposed project items:

  • add kinté space presentations support to Songhay.Player.YouTube 🔨 🚜✨
  • replace the Angular app in with a Bolero app 🚜🔥
  • generate Publication indices from LiteDB for Songhay.Publications.KinteSpace
  • generate a new repo with proposed name, Songhay.Modules.Bolero.Index ✨🚧 and add a GitHub Project
  • switch Studio from Material Design to Bulma 💄 ➡️ 💄✨